NRI Quota MBBS Admission in Puducherry Medical Colleges 2024

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Puducherry, a beautiful union territory in India, has always been known for its diverse cultural heritage and prestigious educational institutions. In recent years, Puducherry has witnessed a significant increase in Non-Residential Indian (NRI) candidates seeking admission to its renowned universities and colleges. These NRI candidates, hailing from different corners of the globe, are attracted to Puducherry's academic excellence, serene environment, and global exposure. The educational institutions in Puducherry recognize the importance of diversity and welcome NRI students with open arms, offering them various courses across various disciplines. With a supportive infrastructure, expert faculty, and a multicultural ambiance, Puducherry ensures that NRI candidates receive a holistic educational experience, nurturing their talents and preparing them for a successful future.

Application Fee

(in Rupees) (Non-Refundable)

NRI / NRI Sponsored / FN / OCI / PIO: Rs. 5000

Important Instructions

  1. CENTAC will do the counseling for NRI admission to MBBS.
  2. A candidate must apply online through the CENTAC website.
  3. Admission is based on NEET UG 2024 score.
  4. A NRI candidate must meet all the eligibility conditions.
  5. CENTAC will carry out only the seat allotment. The admission is subject to the approval of The National Medical Commission and Puducherry University per the norms.

Seats allotted under the NRI category are as follows:

— NRI Quota Seats in Government / Private Colleges.

— Foreign National Quota Seats in Government Colleges.

List of Colleges
1. Indira Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute, Puducherry
2. Puducherry Institute of Medical Sciences, Puducherry
3. Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College & Hospital, Puducherry
4. Sri Venkateswara Medical College & Research Institute, Puducherry

Allotment Procedure

  1. Candidates seeking allotment to UG Medical courses under NRI seats in UG Medical should apply Online through the CENTAC website.
  2. The candidate should upload all the documents carefully and bring original certificates with them at the admission time in the respective college.
  3. Candidates must register and log in to provide their details.
  4. Payment of the application fee is required before candidates can enter their course preferences.
  5. Applications without filled course preferences will not be considered for seat allotment.
  6. Seat allotment will be based on the order of course preferences, availability, merit, and reservation.
  7. Candidates are advised to provide multiple choices of eligible courses and colleges.
  8. After verification of credentials, a Draft Merit List will be published, allowing for objections and document submissions.
  9. The Final Merit List will be published following the resolution of objections.
  10. Round I and Round II allotments will be conducted online. Mop-up rounds may involve physical or online counseling.
  11. Upon publication of the Provisional Allotment List, candidates must download the Provisional Allotment Order and report to the assigned college within the specified timeframe.
  12. The same procedure will be followed for subsequent rounds of allotment.

Criteria for NRI / OCI / Foreign Nationals

Non-Resident Indians, Overseas Citizens of India, and Foreign Nationals are eligible to seek admission to Medical/Dental Colleges. Although they have to comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the respective State Governments, Competent Institutions, and the Government of India.
NRIs and OCI candidates must upload a Certificate from the Indian Diplomatic Mission in their country of residence as evidence of their NRI/OCI status. This certificate should be submitted along with the Application Form Online for NEET UG 2024, and the original document should be retained for presentation during Counseling/Admission to the NEET (UG) courses.
Similarly, foreign applicants for NEET (UG) 2024 must upload Documentary Proof, such as relevant passport pages or a Certificate from the Concerned Authority in their home country verifying their citizenship status. The Embassy Certificate, Citizenship Certificate, and other Documentary proofs of Citizenship can be found in the Annexes. Foreign nationals are advised to verify their eligibility for admission with the relevant Medical/Dental College or State authorities.

Eligibility of OCI cardholders for NEET (UG)

Per the Notification dated 4 March 2021 issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the rights entitled to an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholder are specified under the Citizenship Act, 1955. Clause (4) (ii) of the Notification states the following:

"(4) parity with NRIs in the matter of,

(ii) appearing for the all-India entrance tests or such other tests to make them qualified for admission only against any NRI seat or any supernumerary seat:

If the OCI cardholder students shall not be qualified for admission against any seat reserved exclusively for Indian citizens."

The Notification above includes the following Explanation:

"The OCI Cardholder (including a PIO cardholder) is a foreign national holding a foreign country passport and is not a citizen of India."

Similarly, Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) cardholders and foreign nationals are also ineligible for admission against seats reserved exclusively for Indian citizens.

For NRI /NRI ward/OCI /PIO/Foreign Nationals Candidates

To claim NRI/NRI Ward/NRI Sponsored/OCI/PIO/Foreign Nationals status, candidates are required to submit the following certificates, as applicable:

  1. Candidate's parents' residency certificate issued by the respective country's Embassy, complying with the Income Tax Rules, or any other certificates establishing evidence of their residency there. Alternatively, an affidavit on a Rs.100/- stamp paper can be submitted.
  2. Candidate's passport, VISA, or Resident VISA.
  3. Proof of the candidate's Citizenship.
  4. Income tax documents as per the requirements of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (if applicable).
  5. In the case of NRI sponsorship, a certificate of acceptance from the NRI sponsor (if applicable).
  6. Candidate's study certificate, if they have studied outside India, where applicable for the qualifying examination.

Note: For verification purposes, e-documents may be considered for the NRI ward certificate, subject to submitting the original certificate at admission.

Counseling Procedure

Rounds 1 and 2 will be in online mode. Mop-up and Stray vacancy Counselling can be either Online or Offline. Online allotment will be done based on the applicant's course preferences, seat category, reservation, and NEET Rank. In both Round 1 and Round 2 allotments, the course preferences provided by candidates before the deadline for updating preferences serve as the basis. If the course preferences are left empty, no allotment will take place. In the case of Round 2, candidates must first submit their willingness and Registration Fees (Rs 2 lakh for NRI candidates) before submitting their course preferences. Once the provisional allotment list is published, candidates allotted seats must access their dashboard using their login credentials and download the Allotment Order. Subsequently, these allotted candidates will be directed to report to the assigned college on the specified date and time. They should bring a copy of the Application form, Provisional Allotment Order, and all other original certificates for verification. Upon verification of the original documents and payment of fees, the colleges will confirm the provisional admission of the candidates and issue an Admission slip to each candidate.

Mop-up and Stray Vacancy Counseling

Detailed Guidelines will be published on CENTAC's official website before the counseling per instructions from the competent authority of the Government of Puducherry.

Sliding in Round 2

During the sliding process in Round 2, if a seat is allotted to a candidate, the seat allotted in the previous round will be automatically forfeited. Sliding from one college to another is allowed only during counseling, based on merit and reservation rules. Individual requests for college transfers will not be entertained under any circumstances, and mutual transfers are prohibited. In the case of offline counseling, if a candidate cannot attend the counseling on the specified date and time due to unforeseen reasons, they can authorize a representative to attend on their behalf.

The authorized representative must provide an undertaking, an authority letter for allotment, and the necessary original documents. The allotment made to the authorized representative will be binding on the candidate. Candidates are expected to maintain strict discipline during the counseling process. Any involvement in untoward activities will result in their disqualification from the counseling and selection process, not only for the current session but also for subsequent academic sessions.


NRI Quota MBBS Admission in Puducherry