MD/MS Admissions under N.R.I. Quota 2024: Eligibility, Documents, Quota, Colleges, and More.

MD/MS Admissions under N.R.I. Quota 2024

Attention, aspiring doctors! The gateway to your postgraduate medical dreams has widened with the NEET PG Admissions 2024 under NRI Quota. Aimed at empowering Non-Resident Indians, this quota offers a golden opportunity to secure seats in esteemed medical institutions across India. Immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge medical education and research. Expand your horizons, surrounded by diverse cultures and perspectives. As an NRI applicant, you possess a unique advantage. Your international exposure and passion for healing equip you to excel. Step onto this prestigious path by acing the NEET PG examination. Showcase your prowess, harness your knowledge, and grab a seat in your preferred specialty. With dedication, diligence, and the support of competent mentors, success is within reach. NEET PG Admissions 2024 NRI Quota—where borders dissolve, dreams take flight, and excellence knows no bounds. Seize this extraordinary chance and embark on a transformative medical journey that will shape lives and heal communities.

Who falls under the N.R.I. quota?

  1. Indian Origin (P.I.O.), Overseas Citizens of India (O.C.I.), Non-OCI, and their children fall under the N.R.I. category.
  2. Students who are kids of State or Central Government employees staying foreign on deputation are considered N.R.I.
  3. Candidates must belong to Indian origin and reside or study in a foreign country.
  4. Indian citizens' kids staying abroad for business or employment are also considered N.R.I.
  5. Students born abroad but the parents are of Indian origin come under the N.R.I. category.

Which candidates come under O.C.I. Quota?

O.C.I. candidates are Overseas Citizens of India whose parents or Grandparents reside in another nation and have citizenship of that county but originally belonged to India. So these students are qualified to apply as O.C.I. if granted Overseas Citizenship of India and have an O.C.I. card. And according to the Karnataka High Court, Students holding Overseas Citizens of India cards must be considered Indian citizens for admission to medical courses. They can get admission under the state quota.


  • Max. 15% of seats in deemed universities under NRI quota in All India Counseling.

  • Who is eligible for the N.R.I. quota?

    To be eligible for the N.R.I. Quota, you must fulfill the following criteria:
    1. Successfully cleared the NEET Exam.
    2. Possess a valid passport.
    3. Have at least one parent who is currently residing abroad as an N.R.I.
    4. According to the Supreme Court of India, the sponsor responsible for financing your education must be a first-degree relative of yours and a non-resident Indian (N.R.I.).

    Who comes under NRI sponsored candidate?

    The person who is sponsoring the NRI student studies should be their first-degree blood relative, like the candidates' real brother or sister, the candidate's father's real brother or sister, the candidate's mother's real brother or sister, the candidate's grandfather or grandmother, the candidate's maternal grandfather or grandmother, first-degree paternal and maternal cousins.

    *NRI mentioned includes OCI and PIO.

    OCI PIO Foreign Nationals MS/MD Admission 2024 Update

    As per the notification from the official website of MCC: "OCI/PIO/Foreign Nationals are only qualified for NRI seats and not for Indian seats. In this regard, it is recommended that Deemed Universities where NRI seats are available only verify citizenship cards for OCI/ PIO/ Foreign National students at the time of reporting and not other NRI documents which are asked for & confirmed for NRI Sponsored students. Also, the Nationality of all students should be checked along with other documents."

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    Documents Required for NEET PG Admissions 2024 - NRI Quota

    S. No. Category Documents Required Signed By
    1 Proof that the candidate or sponsor is an NRI Passport, Visa Not required
    2 Affidavit of relationship Relationship affidavit Sponsor and notarized
    3 Affidavit of sponsorship Sponsorship affidavit Sponsor and notarized
    4 Certificate from the embassy in the country of residence Embassy certificate of the candidate or sponsor on the letterhead of the embassy Signature, designation, and seal of the embassy issuing authority
    5 NEET PG Qualification NEET PG Scorecard Not required
    6 Annexure 1 (Wait for notification) MCC will share this in the NRI conversion notification Candidate

    Process: NRI Quota Seats (Deemed Universities under All India Counseling)

  • Get all the documents ready.
  • MCC will share a notification on "Conversion from Indian to NRI" before registration starts. Keep looking at the official website for the details.
  • Mail all relevant documents to the email ID provided. Mails sent before or after the specified time will not be considered. The decision has been taken on the order of the Supreme Court so that no students with lower marks can get NEET PG admissions under the NRI quota.
  • Wait for NRI eligible list. You can see NRI seats only if your name is on the list.
  • Fill your choices under NRI seats.

  • How can an NRI student get PG medical admission under the NRI quota in govt./Pvt. Medical college?

    The process for an NRI student to get PG medical admission in an Indian medical college under the NRI quota is as follows:

  • Apply for the NEET PG exam.
  • Pass the NEET exam.
  • Register and attend the state counseling where you want to take admission.
  • Every state has its counseling process for NEET PG admission in the NRI quota.

  • What seats are candidates who are part of the NRI list eligible for?

  • NRI quota seats deemed universities.
  • Management quota seats of deemed universities.
  • AIQ seats.
  • DNB Post MBBS/ NBE Diploma seats

  • 50% AIQ PG Counseling Scheme


    100% Deemed/Central University Seats Online PG Counseling Scheme


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